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Delivery and payment method

Payment Method

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit card payments, we generally do not charge additional fees. After we confirm the payment, we will deliver the goods to you according to the order.

When paying by credit card, please select “Credit Card” in the payment method field at checkout, fill in the information and click Submit Order, and wait patiently for the credit card transaction screen to be read. Please do not turn off the phone, switch to other programs, or interrupt the connection during this period. Online, the system will automatically complete the order and payment procedures. All credit card payments are processed in real time. Once your credit card payment is verified, we will process your order immediately.

Delivery Methods

Under normal circumstances, products will be shipped within 14 days after “confirm order”, and customers will be notified via email/Whatsapp after delivery. When making payment, please enter the recipient’s phone number and delivery address accurately. If the delivery fails due to data errors, the delivery company may charge additional fees to the customer.

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