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Return policy

Return policy

Customers are responsible for carefully checking all product information (including product model, specification and price) before ordering. If you have any questions, please contact us before placing an order. If the customer still wants to exchange or refund, the relevant arrangements and terms of our company are as follows:

If the product ordered by the customer needs to be exchanged, it must be applied to the company by email within 24 hours from the successful payment. Applications for more than 24 hours or through other channels (such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message) will not be accepted. If needed replace. Note that only when the goods have not been sent or the goods received are unopened, the customer can exchange for other products with the same amount, or add money to exchange for other products. If the exchanged products are not enough for the order amount, the difference will not be repaid. All opened or damaged items cannot be replaced. No shipping fee will be returned, and the customer is responsible for any shipping costs incurred during the return or exchange process. The replacement procedure takes about 30 working days to process.

If after successful payment, the buyer suddenly requests to cancel the order and refund, please forgive us for the following arrangements:
i. For all refund arrangements, if the order has not been sent, the buyer requests to cancel the order, the company will charge 30% of the total transaction amount of each refund order or not less than HK$250 as administrative and handling fees, and the fee will be directly Deducted from the guest’s refund;

ii. If the goods have been shipped or are in transit, and the buyer requests cancellation and refund, the company will arrange the refund after the product is returned to the company; at the same time, the buyer must pay the company to send and retrieve the goods in full The transportation costs incurred will be deducted by 30% of the total transaction amount of each refund arrangement or not less than HK$250 as administrative and handling costs;

iii. If the guest pays with a credit card, the credit card company/bank will charge a handling fee. The handling fee will be directly deducted from the refund by the relevant credit card company/bank and not collected by the company. The final refund amount will be charged to the credit card company/bank. The total amount returned by the bank shall prevail.

*Travellers reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Travellers reserves the right of final decision.

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