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Terms and Conditions

A. Purchase Notice
If Travellers discovers that a customer has committed any of the following related violations without immediately canceling or freezing their member account under further notice, their existing consumption records, discounts, etc. will not be refunded or restored in any form. The violations include but are not limited to the following situations:

I. Affect the operation of the website or obtain benefits from it.
II. Deliberately use program loopholes to affect the operation of the website or obtain benefits from it.
III. Malicious registration with false personal information, thereby affecting the operation of the website or obtaining benefits from it.
IV. Any behavior determined by the company as deliberately affecting the interests of the company.

B. Purchase Goods
You can browse the Travellers store to find suitable products at will, or select directly through the search function. We recommend that you use the “product categories” we provide to find suitable products. On the product page to purchase, first select the quantity to purchase, and then click “Add to Cart” to continue shopping for other products. Some products have special offers for purchasing several pieces.

C. Proceed to Checkout
After selecting all the products, click on the shopping cart icon on the page and click “Checkout” to enter the checkout page. Before payment, you can check the shopping cart at any time and modify the purchased goods and quantity.

D. Complete Payment
After filling in the correct and detailed recipient information and credit card information, please click “Confirm Send”. Through the “member checkout” method, the system will automatically fill in your pre-registered personal information for checkout, which is quick and convenient.

E. Privacy Policy
In order to protect your privacy, all customer information is only used for internal purposes. Except for related institutions that complete transaction procedures or provide services (such as credit card centers, logistics companies), the company will never arbitrarily disclose your personal information to other third parties. The three are aware.

F. Copyright Statement
The pictures and designs on this website belong to Travellers. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. If users upload, download, copy, transmit, publish, modify, post, store or otherwise publicly present, perform, send or use for any other form of commercial or profit-making purposes without the consent of the company , The user may infringe the above-mentioned laws or rights. If this causes the company to cause all monetary or nominal losses, the company reserves all rights to pursue legal actions.

G. Use of Cookies
In order to help customers enjoy a faster shopping process and better service quality, the system will keep relevant records (Cookies) generated by the server when you browse in this online store.

H. Staff Rules
This website has always only complied with the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong), and all employees strictly abide by the standards for the safety and confidentiality of customers’ personal data.

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